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What Does Alpha CT Bring To The Table?

A Customer-First Mentality

Your relationship with your technology partner is just as important as the tech itself. Whether you have a specific problem, a question, or need some advice on how to accomplish a task, our team is only a phone call or an email away.

But what good is an email if it doesn't get you a timely response? Or a phone call if you just get put on hold indefinitely and never speak to a real, local person? These are just two age-old problems that we aim to eliminate. At Alpha, we pride ourselves on taking good care of our clients, and our clients know it.

We operate like a department within your organisation that you can utilise whenever you need top-tier support and resources. We work for and with you, and we're accountable to you. We're an always friendly face, with years of experience and expertise in ensuring your technology keeps up with your needs.

Customer-first mentality
Fully managed technology

Fully Managed Technology

We take care of everything.

  • Real-time monitoring of your network assets
  • Scheduled maintenance and updates
  • Monitored and tested backup solutions for your data
  • Troubleshooting all types of problems with hardware and software
  • Desktop support for any problems your users face
  • Deal with third-party providers (like your ISP) on your behalf
  • Management of cloud platforms, such as Office 365
  • Antivirus protection/monitoring, as well as expert removal of malware infections
  • Installation and management of surveillance systems and VOIP phone systems
  • Domain, web site, and email hosting/management

In addition, everything we do is meticulously documented, to the delight of many of our clients. Not only does this focus on good documentation allow us to address issues faster, but it also means that whenever you have a question about your technology, we're ready to answer it. You won't get fed a bunch of technical jargon, either. We break down complex issues into concepts easily understood by those whose expertise is not in technology.

All of this is made possible by our team of IT specialists who have a wide array of knowledge and experience in just about every aspect of today's tech.

Security As A Fundamental, Not An Add-On

We face a seemingly endless landscape of digital threats today, and the bad guys aren't slowing down. To keep your business protected, you need a team that views security as more than just an add-on. It isn't an afterthought, but rather an integral part of every solution we build for our clients.

"Cyber-savvy" does not equal cyber-secure. Our approach to security enables us to protect you from many threats before they become a serious problem for you.

Cyber security as a fundamental, not an add-on
Focus on education

A Focus On Education

It's an unfortunate fact that human beings are often the weakest links in the chain that makes up your network's security. Uneducated staff can cost your business a lot of money if they aren't kept informed about the latest scams and attacks, and taught how to avoid them.

We think the best policy when fighting cyber threats is prevention by education. We train your staff on a variety of things, from safe browsing habits to avoiding email scams. A trained, well-informed employee is more productive, more confident, and more valuable to your organisation.

Of course, this extends beyond security-related matters, too. Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, yet we so often see that it isn't used to its full potential. We can teach your people how to use their tools more effectively, the value of which simply cannot be overstated.