Remote Management

Secure remote control services allow us to control a workstation or server as if we are physically in front of it. This enables us to:

  • Show your staff how to perform tasks right on their computer
  • Install, remove or update software
  • Bi-directional transfer of files
  • Reboot or terminate a system
  • Keep operating systems and applications updated
  • Troubleshoot issues directly on the affected system
  • Perform system maintenance routines at regular intervals
Our support specialists provide complete support for Microsoft based software, many industry leading packages, as well as many custom software packages used in industries such as hospitality, accounting, finance, engineering, and law.

Email Services

Alpha Corporate Technologies provides robust, secure, and spam-filtered email services.

Managed Hosting

When you can access a hosting environment that's highly advanced, always secure, and unfailingly resilient, why invest in your own?

Our services are based in multiple hosting locations located throughout the GTA that feature redundant internet connectivity, 24/7 facility monitoring, redundant electricity, environmental controls, and real-time network monitoring and management.